Deposit Unlock


Deposit Unlock could be the key to getting on the property ladder, or buying your next home, with just a 5% deposit!

How does it work?

The Home Builders Federation and its members have joined together to create a housebuilder owned insurance scheme, with insurance provided by Gallagher Re. This means that they can offer mortgage lenders 35% protection on their mortgages, so that they can lend to customers at 95% on new build housing.

Usually, lenders take out insurance on mortgages that carry a higher risk, such as first-time buyers with limited deposits. The insurance means that lenders can recoup some costs if the home is repossessed, however this can be expensive for lenders. Deposit Unlock overcomes this as housebuilders pay for the insurance, not lenders.


Watch our Deposit Unlock webinar

Sit back and watch our Deposit Unlock webinar and find out more how this fantastic new government scheme can help you secure your new home at Marleigh.

Secure your new home with a 5% deposit

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